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Music for the listening
by Twinkles
If there a Titleless under it  them send me an idea for a title and I may use it

<bgsound src="shadows.mid" loop=5>
<bgsound src="victory.mid" loop=5>
"Shadows of a traveler"
"The Victory"
<bgsound src="spans.mid" loop=5>
<bgsound src="journey.mid" loop=5>
"The Spans of Time"
"Journey's End"
<bgsound src="titleone.mid" loop=5>
<bgsound src="titletwo.mid" loop=5>
Titleless 1
Titleless 2
<bgsound src="titlethree.mid" loop=5>
<bgsound src="titlefour.mid" loop=5>
Titleless 3
Titleless 4
<bgsound src="titlefive.mid" loop=5>
Titleless 5