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All About Glimmers/Flashes

        My real name is Kendra Erickson. I am 25 years old. I am married to Peter Erickson.  My hobbies are scuba diving, reading, playing dark age of camelot, writting short stories, web page design, calligraphy, wood burning, airbrushing, and playing my trumpet.  Also I do needle point, which is making stuff out of yarn and plastic canvas, to see some pictures of this click.

A brief history to date:

        I was born in a small town known as Leadville, Colorado. The only outstanding things about this place is 1) It is the highest incorperated town in the United State ( elevation 10,250 ft ) and 2) It is where they filmed the helicopter hijacking scene in "Under Siege 2".

        I moved to Elko, Nevada in 1987.  There are also two things remarkable about Elko. 1) It was said to be the best small town in the U.S. by some guy who wrote a book about small towns a few years ago and 2) It is known for its Cowboy Poetry Festival. Oh almost forgot, it is also meantioned at the begining of "Groundhog's Day".

        Currently I am working at IGT (They make slot machines.), which is located in Reno, Nevada.    The remarkable thing about Reno is people actually acknowledge it as the other city in Nevada, though it is no where near Las Vegas and it snows here, and they filmed part of "King Pin" here.

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