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Craft Pictures

Astrid's Sword
Length: 3 feet
Material: Plastic Canvas, 1/4" Balsa wood, and yarn
Work time: Blade and Hilt about 12 hours, Sheath about 6 hours

My Neices' Alphabet Blocks
Size: The blocks are just big enough that they can't be stuffed under the refrigerator.
Material: Plastic Canvas, yarn, felt, velcro, bells, and cardboard
Work time: I never kept track of time on this one, but to give you an idea
the bottom of the case alone took the length of Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back.
I worked on this for about a year and half.

My Older Brother's Sword in the sheath
Length: A little over a yard
Material: Plastic Canvas, yarn, cardboard, a yard stick, little gold "jewels", and a belt
Work time: I didn't keep track of the time on this,
but it would be around the time that I put into Astrid's I would think

My Older Brother's Sword without the sheith.
The lettering on it says: Eph 6:17,
in reference to the biblical passage about the armour of God.

These I did / do for gifts to various friends from online games. These basically took me through all 3 of the Back to the Future movies.

This is my guild emblem for Blue Wolf on Dark Age of Camelot on the Gaheris server. Mostly I worked on this one while at the laundry mat, though I finished it during an ml4 raid. I think it took about 8-10 hours.

This is my wedding gift to my brother and his wife. It took about 16 hours For sizing its in a 11 X 14 frame