Dark Age of Camelot

Healer Level by Level Speccing Suggestions

   This page is meant to give you an idea of what spells you can get with a few speccing paths and an idea at what levels you can get them at, depending on how you spend your points. Feed back is welcome - either post or email me or leave a note in the Guest Book.

26M 16A 44P
35M 21A 35P
32M 5A 43P
21M 40A 29P
43M 31A 10P
35M 15A 38P - 1
35M 15A 38P - 2
35M 15A 38P - 3
36M 17A 36P
17M 36A 36P
36M 36A 17P
17M 17A 48P
17M 48A 17A
48M 17A 17P
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