A Time to Forget

Chapter 1: The invisible

Things were at peace in the shire. The last invasion was becoming a dim memory and it was business as usual. So it was thought...

In the library Wakko and Twinkles are hard at learning westernese from Astarius. Someone peers into the room and laughs silently to himself. Suddenly Twinkles is tackles to the ground. Wakko jumps to his feet, wonder who could of done such a thing. Then they both hear a familiar laugh. The laugh continues as Kidd uncloaks before them. In a bit of a rage Wakko roars at Kidd

'How could you?'
Kidd just laughs again. Wakko looks at his wife with concern 'Are you ok?'
'Yeah, just a little sore'

Wakko watches her wife try to conceal her pain. Anger wells up with in him and he turns to Kidd. Seeing the anger burn within Wakko's eyes Kidd starts to back away.

'It was a joke, I didn't mean to hurt her.'
To angry to listen to reason Wakko springs at Kidd, drawing his sword in the process. Just before the blow lands Wakko is paralyzed, in mid jump. A voice is heard 'There is no fighting in the guild.'

Then as suddenly as he was stopped Wakko is released from the spell. He falls heavily to the floor. As get picks himself off the floor Wakko challenges Kidd.

'I'll see you in the arena'
'No fighting for revenge' chants Kidd
'This is not revenge, it is for the honour of my wife.' roars Wakko ' or do you lack the courage?'
'You doubt my courage?'

Hafhoe slipped into the storeroom after a quick glance at his only patron, Flubber. Flubber waved him on; he had his drink and would be fine for a couple of minutes. He is about to take a drink when he hears footsteps. He turns to greet the person, but he is greeted with a knife to his throat. But no hand holds the blade.

Mort is sitting in his study working on some paper work when he hears a knock. He stands, glad for the interruption. Standing at his door is Flubber. He looks a bit nervous.

'What can I do for you?' Mort asks kindly, thinking the boy is over awed to be in his presence.
'Well I uh, uh'
'Come on split it out'
'I need to borrow some money from the treasury'
'Is that all? You don't need my permission, just leave a note why you took it'
'Oh ok...'

As Mort turned back to his office he thought he heard someone whisper to Flubber furiously. He turns back to see who was talking but only sees Flubber walking towards the treasury. Shaking his head, he thinks to himself 'I must be hearing things.'


Chapter 2: A traitor?

On the bow of a great ship Nitehawke smiles. It's a beautiful day and the sailing is great. With him are Archaeo, Paragorn, and Gorantoth. They are heading to Dragon Isle to take on some (who would of guessed it) dragons. Unknown to them they have a stowaway. Deep in the darkness of the hold is Conner. Soon they arrive at the tropical island. Ready to go tackle the great beasts they are soon heading to the caves where the dragons reside. After the jump to the ledge that leads into the great caves, they pass by the great bronze dragon. This dragon it is told cannot be attacked. As they pass by it Gorantoth stops to look at the dragon, something seems strange about it to him. The others keep going, not noticing that Gorantoth wasn't following. Soon they meet up with the Water Dragon, who is sleeping. This beast is a strange dragon. For it has no wings, and also it should be out in the water not here in a dry cave. Thinking on this Archaeo says
'Well maybe we should put the poor critter out of his misery' as he pulls his great sword from its scabbard.

'Wait where is Gorantoth' asks Paragorn

Before any one can respond the creature attacks Archaeo, for he awoke at the sound of the sword being drawn. With no time to think, Nitehawke pulls out his daggers and joins the fray. Off to the side Paragorn starts to call upon her maple staff to attack the water dragon. Around the cave goes the battle. Soon the finishing strike hits and the creature falls lifeless the ground. As he wipes off his sword, Archaeo says almost angrily
'Now where is that little mage, he should of been here to help'

With that he strides out of the cave back the way they came. Nitehawke looks at Paragorn. Tired from the fight Paragorn tells him. 'Go after him, keep him out of trouble.'

Nitehawke hurries out after his friend, wondering what indeed had happened to Gorantoth. Once back in the cave where the bronze dragon lies, he sees Archaeo lying on the ground. With a cry he jumps to his friend's side and suddenly feels a pain in his back and falls to the ground next to Archaeo. Paragorn hearing Nitehawke's cry hurries to see what has happened. When she gets into the room she see Nitehawke and Archaeo flat on the ground, a dagger in each of their backs. Also near them is Gorantoth with a dagger in his leg and Conner who seems to be paralyzed. Confused and dazed Paragorn stumbles over to the still forms of Nitehawke and Archaeo. Soon she realizes they are not dead, not yet. As she starts to pray for their healing she hears Conner move.

'You...' he shouts as he charges at Gorantoth, not aware that Paragorn is there.

Before he finishes the charge Gorantoth paralyzes him again.

Paragorn continues to pray for their healing; as she does she looks at the daggers in them. The daggers are dark black, with a deadly air about them. Nitehawke and Archaeo start to stir, but her healing seems to have a minimal effect and it seems that the daggers are the cause. In her hurry to help them she pulls out the daggers. Her hands are stung as she touched the handles of both, some kind of magic, and in her pain she tosses them away from her. But she can't handle this magical hurt alone. Gorantoth calls to her 'Get them back to the guild, I'll try to take care of the murderer'

Hurriedly Paragorn rubs their rings and hers while calling out 'Voosh'

As the magic of their rings teleports them back to the hall, Paragorn hears Gorantoth start another spell, one she doesn't recognize. At the guild hall Valhal sees Paragorn, Nitehawke, and Archaeo appear. Paragorn looks around wildly, upon seeing Valhal she cries 'Get the surgeon.'

Confused by this command Valhal looks at Nitehawke and Archaeo. Seeing the blood flowing from their wounds, he hurries to the stables grabs a horse and rides for Siva.


Chapter 3: The 1st case

Soon all of the guild members at the hall gather outside the library, where Nitehawke and Archaeo lay as the surgeon deemed it unsafe to move them. Lita and Starchild try to comfort Astrid and Vistanna, while Paragorn stands off in a corner staring at her feet. Astrid, seeing Paragorn's despair, walks over to her. 'Its not your fault.'

'I should have been able to help them more.'
'You got them here, the surgeon is here, it'll be ok.'

Paragorn does not look convinced. Just then the door to the library opens and a grave doctor steps out.

'I have stopped the bleeding and they should recover...'
'See I told you it'd be ok'
'But they have yet to awake.'

Unbelieving Astrid walks purposeful into the library. There she sees them on cots and walks over to Nitehawke. 'Honey, I'm here.'

Nitehawke stirs and looks at her. 'Do I know you?'

'Now don't tease.' a tear coming to her eye.

Nitehawke looks confused, and repeats 'Do I know you?'
The doctor, who had followed her in, gently leads her out of the room into the waiting arms of friends and explains the situation to them.
'I don't know why he has amnesia, there are no wounds except a knife wound.'
'A knife... a dark black, with a tang of magic, on in each of them.'
'Where are the knives, perhaps if one could be studied...'
'I threw them away...'
'They must be found.'
'Gorantoth was still there, with Conner...'
'Conner? What was he doing there?' asks Mort
'I don't know... when I came into the cavern Nitehawke and Archaeo were laying there and Conner and Gorantoth were fighting.'
'What, why, tell me all that happened.'
'I don't know...'

Paragorn looks around in despair. 'We were in the dragon caves, at the bronze dragon.'

'I shall go search.' says Malice
'And I shall go with him.' says Thorin

Soon they were packed for the trip and headed to Kerion to board Malice's ship.


Chapter 4: 2nd Case

Kidd is on the way to the arena, thinking 'How dare that fighter doubt his courage.'

While buying salve in Siva as messenger comes up to him and hands him a pack. Curious he looks in the pack, with in are some black gloves, two black daggers, and a note. He reads: Wear these gloves when using these daggers, there is great power in them. But they aren't deadly, they merely injure. After the arena fight return them to the messenger who gave them to you.

There was no signature on the note. Quickly Kidd decides to use the gloves and daggers, that Wakko is one tough opponent.

At the arena Wakko waits for Kidd. 'He probably chickened out'

'No, not I.' Kidd says as he walks in.

Wakko looks Kidd over, observing the strange jet-black gloves.

'Shall we get on with this?'
'But of course, after you.'

Into the arena they walked. Wakko hears something move in the corner and turns to ask Kidd about it, when Kidd taking this as the signal to start quickly draws out one of the mysterious daggers. A dagger flashes into Wakko's side. In a burst of strength, from anger, Wakko pulls out the dagger, noting the sharp sensation from touching it, and throws it back at Kidd, then falls to the ground. Kidd caught off guard takes the knife full in the chest, dropping the other knife. The magic of the arena teleports them to the arena surgery. The surgeons of the arena expert as they are heal the physical wounds. The knife in Kidd is laid off to the side and forgotten. The surgeons are baffled by the coma their patients have. They send for someone from the guild, since they are both members, to come get them.

Twinkles is near the arena waiting for the fight to be over and so the messenger finds her and tells her of Kidd and Wakko. Concerned Twinkles follows him back to the arena. There Wakko starts to wake up. Twinkles clasps his hand and says 'Oh thank God you're ok'

'Who are you?' says Wakko, staring at Twinkles blankly.

Twinkles looks at the surgeon standing nearby, who looks as confused as she it. 'Maybe rest would help.' he suggests 'away from the arena, but how to transport them'

'I know how'

Then as Paragorn did, she uses the power of the guild rings to transport them to the hall. There was barely room for them to appear. All listen in horror as Twinkles tells what has happened, after Wakko and Kidd are moved to the library were more cots are placed. After her tale, Paragorn asks 'Were there any knives?'

'I don't know I didn't see the weapons used.'
'Someone must go find out.' says Mort

Mort looks around the room for some volunteers. Quickly Phreak and Lia step forward. Soon they are mounted on some horses and ride away to the arena.


Chapter 5: Search for answers

While they are waiting to get some report from the scouts, Joesmith decides life must go on and heads to the treasury to borrow some money to buy a ship. Once there he was told there was no money in the treasury. Confused Joesmith goes to find Mort. 'Mort, Mort I need to talk to you'

'What is it?'
'The money in the treasury...'
'Yes yes you can borrow some, just leave a note'
'But I can't'
'Of course you can, you just go down to...'
'I can't cause there is none.'
'Come on, I'll show you.'

Off to the treasury they went, with several people who heard the exchange following. Once there Mort looks over the log. Sure enough it was Flubber who took it all, but there is a bloodstain on the note he left in the log. It read: Fantastick 'smo for me but not a stick to shake at it.

'The thief he can't even spell right.' pipes up Vaughn
'No, he's not a thief!' returns Vistanna
'Then what is he?' asks Imalac
'I don't know, I just know he's not a thief.' answers Vistanna
'Maybe he was trying to say something.' suggests Forrest
'Fantastick... stick, 'smo... but no stick... fanta 'smo, Phantasmo'

Everyone looks at Mynewt in amazement. 'The logs can't be changed, because of magic, so he tried to leave a note at who was making him take the money.' guesses Mort

'And he's hurt or dead bye the sign of it.' says Nenad
'Lets see if we can find him.' suggests Mynewt

So the search for Flubber is on, though there is little hope in the venture. While is goes on, Myrddhin is on his way to the guild, working to remember the correct path through the woods. Deep in thought he trips on something. After he picks himself up he looks to see what he tripped on. It's a leg, and that leg is attached to a body, and that body is Flubber. Dumbfounded Myrddhin steps by Flubber's side, as he does so he notices a distinctive boot print next to Flubber's body. Thinking nothing of it he looks over Flubber and determines that, though he is still a live it won't be for long, not with out help. He calls upon his faith to heal Flubber, and though he is helped the healing doesn't have the effect it should. Bewildered Myrddhin decides that he must get Flubber to the guild. So he carefully picks up the fighter, straining his muscles to lug him to the guild. Phreak almost went out the door to try searching outside when he is nearly smacked by the door swinging in. There before him is a tired Myrddhin carrying a near death Flubber. So another cot is added to the library, and they search no more.

On Dragon Island Thorin and Malice head for the dragon caves. What they'll find there they don't know. They work their way into the cavern with the bronze dragon. There they find marks of a battle, but no sign of Conner, Gorantoth, or any knives black or otherwise. They go on to search the other caverns but to no avail. Thorin suggest they double check the Bronze Dragon room. They do so and Malice looking carefully sees a slightly smeared boot print where the ground was made muddy by blood. Knowing that the other will want this news quickly they decide to use their rings to get back and report. But before they do Malice takes out a medallion and says 'Mark here.'

At the arena Lia and Phreak question the surgeons about the weapons used.
'Yes there was a knife, it was in Kidd's chest when we got him'

'Where is it now?'
The surgeon looks around. 'I... I would of sworn it was right here'

'Can we search the arena to see if there is another?'
'You could if you wanted to, but it has already been cleaned out'
'Was anything found?'
'Thank you good doctor, with your permission we'll double check the arena'
'Go ahead'

In the arena they search everywhere. It seemed hopeless until; by a fortunate glance Lia sees a boot print in the loose dirt near a wall. She calls Malice over. They booth agree its the wrong size for either Wakko or Kidd. With this news they road back to the hall.
After receiving the reports of the boot prints Myrddhin recalls the boot print he saw. With this they all go out to have a look at this print.

'Its the same as the one we saw.' says Lia
'As did we.' adds Thorin

With this knowledge it is decided that Heather will go to the chapel to commune with Ore to see if he had any answers for them. Thrak quickly cloaks and follows after to keep an eye on her.
At the chapel Heather starts to meditate and communicate with Ore. As he watches, Thrak hears Heather mumble in here meditation 'a ring...'

He hears the mumbling of a spell. Thinking it is directed at Heather, Thrak leaps forward with a cry of rage. Then he is struck to the ground.
Bamf, upon hearing of all that has happened for he was away on an adventure, hurries to the chapel. With him went Lita. At the chapel they find no sigh of Heather and an incoherent Thrak. Bamf and Lita try to help Thrak, but Thrak just lies on the ground mumbling over and over again
'A ring'

Confused by this and the fact he seems to have no other wounds, Bamf decides to take Thrak back to the guild. Lita agrees, for the surgeon is still there. Making use of the rings once more they transport them back to the hall.

At the guild the surgeon can't do anything for Thrak. Everyone is confused, he has no marks upon him and Heather is gone. This wasn't making any sense. Where were these knives and who made them, and more importantly who was using them to attack shire members. And the only clue they had were the words of Thrak to go by.


Chapter 6: An escape

Heather awakes from darkness into darkness, her eyes are tightly bound by something and she is tightly tied to a chair. Keeping calm she tries to remember what has happened, in her trying to remember she test her bonds, they are tight 'I see you are awake.' comes a voice from the darkness.

Heather makes no answer, her mind working furiously to identify the voice.

'Come, come, tell me something, what did you learn from Ore?'
'Ore? Yes, I was communing with Ore.' accidentally thinking out loud

She hears a muffled exclamation and a mumble 'She wasn't supposed to be hit by the spell.'

Then there is a crash of a door being slammed, as if in anger, and she is alone. Sitting there she goes back to trying to remember what has happened, repeatedly she comes up blank. After a while she thinks to herself. 'No point in wasting time here.'

Grateful for the rogue skills practiced tediously under the tutelage of Astrid, Heather starts to unravel her bonds. Soon she is free and she rips off her blindfold. At first it's as if her eyes were still covered, then as her eyes adjust to the lighting she sees light coming in from small window in the door. Quickly and quietly she makes her way to the door. There Heather listens, she hears nothing. Hoping and praying the door isn't locked, she tries the handle. To her happiness it turns easily in her hands. Slowly, ever so slowly she pulls the door open. There is a pale light in the hall cast by a torch down the hallway. She thinks 'Which way now?'

Determining staying here would be the best way of getting caught again; she heads up the passage to wherever it may lead.


Chapter 7: The lost are found

The passageway being dark as it was made a fast pace impossible, that and the fact the floor was highly rough and uneven. Besides hurrying would only make too much noise, and since she was quiet she hears 'I'll get him'

'That waylaying SOB'
'A shire, he's no Shire'
'All I wanted to do was prove I was brave'

At the word shire Heather stopped suddenly. Thinking she recognized the voice she whisperes 'Conner, is that you?'

Surprised at the interruption to his muttering, Conner looks up. Through the bars on the windows he sees Heather. 'What are you doing here?' he asks

'Where is here?'
'Who were you muttering about?'
'Gorantoth, that traitor'
'Gorantoth? What do you mean?'
'Well you see I was following...'
'Wait, we don't have time for this, lets get you out of there.'
'How the door is locked, and you're no rouge.'

Heather smiles slyly and sets to work on the lock. To Conner's surprise the door soon swings open. 'What how?'

'I'll explain later.'

With that they headed down the passage together. For sometime they walked, passing doors, but no other passageways. Suddenly Conner stops in front of a door, listening carefully. Heather looks at him quizzically.
'Do you here that?'

Heather listens carefully and soon the sound of someone snoring reaches her ears. Curious she looks through the window and to her great surprise there is Gorantoth. Conner to looks in, and he is consumed with rage. He tries to tear the door open but it is locked, fortunately for Gorantoth.
The rattling of the door wakes Gorantoth. Sleepily he looks up at the window, not really seeing who is there. 'So come back to question me some more?'

'What, you filthy traitor!'

At hearing Conner's voice he is shocked full awake. 'Conner is that you, have you come to rescue me?'
'Rescue you? I ought to kill you for what you did to Nitehawke, Archaeo and I!'
'Nitehawke??? Archaeo??? You?'
'Oh come on don't play dumb! You throwing daggers at Nitehawke and Archaeo and paralyzing me'
'Paralyze? I can't paralyze anyone... my skills aren't great enough'
'Liar you dirty liar!'

Once more Conner is in a rage, beating on the door. Heather fearing he may hurt himself stops him and calms him down.

'Now the both of you explain to me what is going on, you go first Conner'

So Conner tells of how he had followed Nitehawke, Archaeo, Paragorn, and Gorantoth to dragon isle to prove his bravery to them. But he moved slower than they and when he reached the caves he saw Gorantoth coming out of a passage and Nitehawke and Archaeo were struck down with knives in their backs. 'The traitor attacked them from behind.'

'No, that wasn't me.'
'Sure looked like you then.'

It was Gorantoth's turn to tell his story. He told them how when passing the Bronze dragon, it just looked like it wanted me to say something and how for some reason it came to his mind to say 'Open'. When he did the dragon shifted and a passageway appeared behind it. Curious and unthinking of his companions he went to explore the passage. There he soon met up with Raist. Raist was obviously angry at being found, seized him and locked him up here. Often he would come and question Gorantoth, to see what he knew of strange happenings, rings, or black daggers. But Gorantoth could tell the great mage nothing.

At the end of his story his door swung open, for Heather had been working on the lock. With the guidance of Gorantoth, the trio soon made their way out the Bronze dragon.


Chapter 8: The finding of the invisible

'Well I need to go back and get my ship' says Malice
'And how do you plan on doing that?' asks Forrest
Malice pulls out a magical medallion.
'With this my friend'

At that Malice walked out the door and whispered teleport. In a blink of an eye he is standing before the Bronze Dragon. To his surprise Heather, Conner, and Gorantoth are there to. 'What how?'

'Malice!' cries Heather happily
'We've been worried about you guys, what's happened?'
'No time to tell now. We've got to get back to the Guild fast'
'Have you forgotten your rings?'
They just gape at him, and then suddenly Heather starts to laugh.
'Of course'
Then as one Malice hears them say

At the guild Conner and Gorantoth tell their stories, but Heather had little to add, for she could still not remember what Ore had revealed to her. 'Look lets lay out what we know.' says Mynewt

And Mynewt goes on to lay out the facts, how Flubber left a note about Phantasmo, how the boot prints in the place of all three attacks were the same, and somehow Raist must be mixed up in all this.
'So we have to enemies in this.' states Mort
'It seems so, for I know of no other person that could disguise themselves as someone else.' says Mynewt
'But we would of seen Phantasmo, if he was in the guild. He is not knowledgeable enough to cloak.' adds Astrid
'This is strange indeed.' says Thorin
'Wait, I thought I heard someone talking to Flubber when he came and asked about the money. But I saw no one.' says Mort suddenly remembering
'This is more mysterious than ever.' says Mira
'Perhaps Phantasmo can be found.' says Krilin

Everyone stops in there talk to stare at Krilin.
'I will attempt to scry for him.'
With that Krilin sits down, and as she casts her spell there is complete silence. Then she starts to speak
'He is near, very near...'
'But I can't seem to...' she says as her eyes flash open.
Her eyes open in time to see a dagger flash out of now where toward her. Just before it hits her, Mynewt knocks her out of the way and takes the blade deep into his side. The other are stunned motionless, until they hear footsteps running out of the guild. 'Finally, we got a dagger to study...' says Mynewt as he collapses to the ground

'Hurry, help him.' cries Starchild

Soon Lita, Nenad, Paragorn, Darien, and Myrddhin call upon their faith to heal him. The wound is slow to close, but soon Mynewt is healed, save for his lack of wakefulness. They carry him to place him in the library with the rest. Knowing what was sure to come Starchild followed him after. She sits beside him holding his hand, waiting for that fateful moment that he would awake.

Mynewt stirs and looks at Starchild.'Hello beautiful.'

Hope springs into her eyes.
'Oh my husband'
'I wish that I were, or am I?' he says confused.
'You mean you don't know' she says sadly, the hope gone from her eyes.
'No,' he shakes his head sadly 'but I wish that I knew you.'

Trying to hold a front but can't, Starchild leans on her husbands' bed and sobs. He pats her on the back. 'There, there it will be ok, whatever this is.' he says wearily as he slips back to sleep.

At this Lita comes into the room and leads Starchild out.


Chapter 9: Truth revealed

Saddened by the recent events, the guild members sit in silence each contemplating this odd turn of events. What to make of this dagger that no one could bear to handle for long? Where did these daggers come from? How did Phantasmo get them? How is Phantasmo invisible? Finally Krilin sighs.

'What?' asks Twinkles
'I have to try it'
'Try what?'
'I will try the spell lore on it, though I loathe to hold it.'
'But...' starts Mort
'But what? Because of me Mynewt lays as the others, I have to do something to repay him'

Having no answer to this Mort stays silent as Krilin strides over to the dagger. She picks it up and is instantly shocked by the strong magic with in it. She starts to cast the spell, obviously struggling to keep concentrating while holding the painful dagger. Before she can complete it there is a flash and rumble as Raist appears in their midst.
'Stop I say'

Shocked out of her concentration she drops the knife with a clatter. As she does she sags to the ground exhausted from her efforts.
'It is good for you that I have come.' Raist states simply as he reaches down and picks up the dagger.

All are amazed that he seems unaffected by its touch. Raist laughs a low quiet laugh. 'Do you not know they would not hurt their rightful owner?'

'They are yours?' asks Mort standing up to Raist, full of anger remembering his injured comrades
'Yes, but do not think it was I who attacked you precious guild members. Unless my information is wrong, and it never is, you all ready know who has been attacking your guild'
Mort nods 'Phantasmo'
'Yes he is an ambitious man, and he has dared cross me. You see he stole this dagger, and one like it from me. Also a pair of gloves so that one does not feel the sting of magic. Now if that were all he took, then I would have no problem finding him and retrieving my stolen objects. No, that fool of a fighter found a most precious item, a ring'
'This ring is no ordinary ring, it turns you invisible and confuses scry, as your mage here found out. So powerful is this ring that even I cannot scry for him. So I must come to you to aid me in getting my items back.'
'Why should we help you' says Heather angrily 'You kidnapped 3 of us already!'
'Yes, that I did, but I also let you go. For if I hadn't wanted you to go free you would of never found your way out. But that is in the past. It is obvious that Phantasmo is out to kill off your guild, but he doesn't truly understand the power of the daggers.'
'What is that power?' asks Krilin, who is starting to recover from her ordeal.
'It is the power of forgetfulness, though they can be deadly like any other magic weapon this one induces amnesia.'
'So that explains it' says Astrid
'Anyway getting back to the task at hand. I need your help to catch him, and in return I shall reverse the effects of the wounds the daggers have inflicted.'
'What about Thrak?' asks Bamf
'And me?' adds Heather
Raist appears to think it over.
'There is nothing I can do about you two, but believe me that spell was no were near as powerful at the one on the daggers. The effects should wear off sooner or later.'
'Before we accept, promise to heal our friends now.' demands Mort
'Oh very well.'
'Then we accept, but how do we catch him?'


Chapter 10: Setting a trap

'First lock the door, so that we know he is not here during our council'
Nenad moves to lock the door and Raist is led into the library. There he sees Nitehawke, Archaeo, Wakko, Kidd, Thorin, and Flubber all lying on cots. Quietly he moves to Nitehawke's side. The others hear him chant some archaic word, but do not understand them. Nitehawke cries out in pain, and Mort and Gothiqman are forced to hold Astrid and Vistanna back.
Seeing this becoming a trend Mort sends Astrid, Vistanna, Twinkles and Starchild from the room. To watch them he sends Lita, Heather, Lia, Mira, and Imogen. While this goes on Nitehawke has calmed down and Raist has moved to Archaeo. Again this process is repeated and the screams of pain wrack though all that are present. Unable to bare listening any more everyone except Nenad and Mort leave. Baring themselves up they stand firm as the spell is cast on Wakko, Kidd, and Flubber.
'There it is done,' Raist says tiredly 'now let them rest and let us get to planning.'

Out of the room they went and headed to the bar, for that is where everyone could sit and talk this over.
'We know that he is after you guys. So therefore I suggest we make a trap and set you as the bait. Stay here at the guild. Let him come to you.'

Jamshyd jumps to his feet. 'I refuse to be cage like a rat and a coward.'

'Then you are a fool' says Raist glaring at Jamshyd

Having no way to contest the powerful stare Jamshyd sits down, as if he were not in control of his own movements. 'Are there any other objections?' asks Raist calmly

Silence reigns around the room. 'There now, as I was saying we should a lay a trap. He only has one dagger and he will be out to use it, but sparingly I think. He will slash not throw now. But how does one trap a person the can't see?'

They all think on his words and after a while Incognito speaks up,
'Its obvious, we must make the invisible visible.'
'Yes... thank you so much for pointing out the obvious to us' says Raist sarcastically
Incognito quickly ducks to avoid Raist's glare.
'But what if we were invisible also' suggests Strider
'Now how would we do that, and how would that help?' says Raist
'Well we could create orbs of darkness and set them all over the guild, no one could see anything, but as for how that would help I don't know'
Raist appears to think on this, but soon shakes his head.
'Any more ideas?'

Just then the five daggers injured guild members come slowly walking into the bar.
'Well you could bobby trap the door with a water and flour mix, so that he would get covered when enter the hall.' suggests Kidd with a weary look on his face.

Soon the new people are comfortably seated and Raist thinks on this.
'Yes this may work, and since I have no other ideas we'll try it, but remember this is will be dangerous. I leave you to work out the details.'
With that Raist disappears in a puff of smoke.
'Some help he is' mutters Darien
'Anyway we must get to work' says Mort 'Since it was your idea, and if you're up to it Kidd, you help set it up.'

Soon everything is order. The front door is left slightly ajar and above it is balanced a mixture of flour and water, so it was like a thin paste. Then Krilin got the idea to try a new spell she had been working on. She made the paste glow in the dark. With that it was decided that yes they would use orbs of darkness, for Krilin promised that the paste would show up anyway. Sure enough after the last orb was set in place and the ambushers took their places, they could still see the glow coming from the bucket. Nearest the door was Nitehawke, cloaked and determined, for he was very set on being the 1st one to attack. Near him is Nenad, worried for his friend who may be misjudging his strength.


Chapter 11: The last battle

They did not have long to wait, for soon they heard the door creak slowly open. Then there was a crash and an exclamation. There standing before them was a glowing form. Nitehawke leaps at it his daggers drawn and Nenad right behind him. Confused Phantsmo at first offers no resistance, but then gathering is wits he draws his sword. He and Nitehawke trade hits, both scoring deeply, for though Phantasmo can't see Nitehawke he can sense where he is. Everyone watches the eerily battle in which they could only see one combatant. Soon it is obvious that Nitehawke is flagging. Praying that his friend will forgive him, Nenad jumps in the battle tackling Phantasmo to the ground. Nitehawke nearly scores into Nenad back, but Astrid stays his hand with a word. The tackle knocked the sword and the dagger, which Phantasmo had been drawing, out of his hands as well as the breath out of his lungs. Quickly before he can recover Nenad seeks out Phantasmo's hands removes the gloves and the ring. He calls for the dark orbs to be destroyed. Promptly he is obeyed, and there is a near defend sound of orbs being shattered all over the room. In the noise Phantsmo recovers, and realizing all is lost shoves Nenad off of him and leaps for the door. Nitehawke almost sends a dagger into his departing back but his wife calls to him 'Peace'.

His weariness finally catches up to him and he slums to the floor. Astrid comes to him and kisses him. 'There will be another time.'

Then there is a rumble and a flash and Raist stands before them once more.
'I will take what is mine.' says Raist.

Nenad hands Raist the ring and gloves. Then Raist picks up the dagger from the floor. 'But he got away.' mutters Wakko

'Not for long.' says Raist with a low laugh 'Not for long at all.'

Then Raist was gone leaving only an echo of his laugh.