The Ghost of the Curtain Aisle

    The new assistant manager enters the store.  He’s heard rumors about this place, but doesn’t really believe them.  Soon after he is met by another assistant manager, that has been at this store for a while.  She takes him to the back of the store and before he can ask about the rumors she starts to explain.

    About a week ago a customer was shopping in the curtain aisle.  An accident occurred and the customer was severely hurt.  From the investigation, it was determined that she had stepped up on a baseboard and it had flipped up, throwing her to the ground.  Her head had struck a baseboard across the aisle.  She had been removed from the scene by paramedics, but had died in transit to the hospital.  The day after strange things started happening in the curtain aisle.  The associate working the area quit without notice at the 1st customer complaint.  She had mumbled something about not really meaning the curse.  Upon questioning further the assistant manager found that the associate had seen the victim unwrapping a curtain and had mumbled a curse under her breath about the person having to clean up the curtain aisle.

    The assistant manager had also checked out the customer complaint about the area.  The customer was terrified.  He spoke of a voice coming from the curtains when he was checking out the exact length of a curtain, and that is so hard to do while they are in the package. The voice warned him not to open the package.  It had spooked him enough that he dropped the package and left the aisle.  When he came across the associate and told him about it. The associate went to check it out, but found nothing amiss, not even a dropped package.  Then the associate stepped into the aisle and heard the sound of grumbling and it finally dawned on her what had happened.  She ran from the aisle, found the assistant manager, informed her that she was quitting and left the building.

    Since then there has been a few more complaints about the curtain aisle.  After hearing the tail the new guy just smiles, surely this all just nonsense.


    She pushes her cart up and down the rows at Wal~mart.  As she turns down the curtain aisle the lights seem to dim.  Neatly hanging are the panels, valances, tiers, swags, and scarves.  She reaches for one and pulls it off the peg.  After studying the picture on the package, she decides that she wants to see just how big it is.  Slowly she starts to unzip it.  As she does a whisper reaches her ears, “What are you doing?”

    Startled she looks up, but sees no one.  Shrugging she continues unzipping the package.  She hears the voice again, “Is that really necessary? ”

    Once again she looks around … no one.  She finally completes opening the package and reaches in to pull the panel out. “Please don’t.  I’m warning you.” The voice whispers.

    Deciding that her mind is playing trick on her she doesn’t even look up.  When she has the curtain about half way out, a rustling sound reaches her ears.  She feels something hit her back.  Turning she sees a package lying on the floor.  A movement catches her eye and suddenly she is hit by another package.  Surprised she drops the panel she had been holding.  As it hits the baseboard about one dozen more packages leap off the shelf and throw themselves at the woman.  She runs from the aisle screaming in terror.

    The new assistant manager hears her scream and heads toward it. As he rounds a corner he is nearly bowled over.  Slowly he steadies himself and takes notice of the woman who is scrambling to her feet.  He offers a hand to help her up.  It is then that he sees the look of pure panic on her face.  Just as he opens his mouth to ask what is wrong the woman starts to babble.  Patiently the manager tries to calm the customer.  Slowly he sorts out her words, something about being attacked by the curtains.

    Thinking perhaps a few curtains fell off the highriser he angrily heads towards the curtain aisle.  Fearfully, the woman follows.  Once at the curtains the manager sees nothing amiss.  The aisle is clear and there is nothing even close to falling off the riser.

    Mystified he turns to the woman.  She is in complete shock.  Slowly, but determined she stammers out what happened. Wondering if he has a complete lunatic on his hands or if perhaps the story he heard is true, he steps into the aisle.  He gestures for the woman to follow, but with a violent shake of her head she declines.  With a small shrug he continues down the aisle.  He walks down the aisle and nothing happens.  As he walks he tries to think how to handle this obviously crazy person.  He hears her call to him and he remembers her story.  With a mental shrug he reaches and pulls the nearest package, a valance, off a peg.  He pauses listening, but all he hears is the hum of the lights.

    Trying to determine just what he is trying to prove, he starts to open the package.  Suddenly he stops; did he imagine that sigh of resignation?  Shaking his head to clear his mind, he then listens carefully.  He hears a sound like someone tapping his or her foot.  He looks around, but there is only he and the woman.  She is standing outside the aisle peering in at him, unmoving.  The manager feels fear creeping over him and decides that he doesn’t want to stay in this place.  With as much dignity and self-control as he can muster he places the valance back on the peg and heads out of the aisle.