The People in Charge

    There are four people or groups of people that are in charge of Vally. The top two are like gods or demi-gods to the land. They hold the power over the other people in the land of Vally. These two are known as the Man and the Stance Mans. The other two are the Sumers and the Per-Nal Man.

The Man

    The Man is the head god of the land; he is the man in charge. He has the ultimate power in the Vally. From my research I have discovered that the title the Man is a shortening for a longer name, but what the full name was still eludes me. It is from him that all the other titles for the people who are in charge derive their names. Though he holds great power in Vally, he is rarely seen, he relies on his Stance Mans to carry out his wishes.

The Stance Mans
    The Stance Mans are like demi-gods of Vally. They are under the orders from the Man, but they also have much power of their own. Rarely does the Man get involved in daily issues, so it is the Stance Mans who keep things moving in day-to-day life. They hold the power of who comes to stay in this land and if a citizen must leave. Yet though they have this power they have a weakness, the Sumers.
The Sumers
    The Sumers aren't really in charge of anything in Vally, but they do play an important role. They are wandering tribes people who do not really live in the land of Vally, but visit it often (usually to pay homage to the odd religion of the Sea Sems, to be talked about later). From my research I have found that Sumers' ancestors used to visit the building where the culture of Vally was found, and they do so now simply to continue a tradition. It seems that a Sumer has some strange power over the Stance Mans. If a Sumer gets upset then a Stance Man will hurry to try to make that Sumer happy again, or as happy as possible anyway. In this the Stance Mans exert their power over the clans, so that the clans will try to make any Sumer in their territory happy also.

The Per-Nal Man
    The Per-Nal Man is a person who leaves the land of Vally and goes to other lands in search of people who might like to live in Vally. When they do find someone who does want to then they have an interview. Also the person who wishes to move into Vally must meet with a Stance Man and be approved of.
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