The People of Religion

    There seems to be only one religion in the land of Vally. The Sea Sems and the Sea Ohs run it. The main followers of this religion are the K-Shears and the Sumers.

The Sea Sems and K-Shears

    Finally I come to the Sea Sems and the K-Shears. The Sea Sems are the keepers of an ancient technology, long forgotten. Now what I suppose was commonplace at some point in history, is now strange and magical. It has become an odd religion of sorts. The Sea Sems are the high priests of this religion. Most of their days is spent worshipping at their Sea Sem podium or in my mind an alter. It is squareish in shape, with a sloping top. On one side there are handles and latches. These latches hold locks that keep anyone, but a Sea Sem with the keys, out of the drawers and doors built into this alter. The Sea Sems have dutiful followers known as the K-Shears. They do the bidding of Sea Sems and perform odd rituals all day on what they call gesters. It is at a gester that a K-Shear meets with the Sumers, so that the Sumers can pay homage to the religion of the Sea Sems.

The Sea Ohs

    The Sea Ohs are called for the territory of Vally in which they live. These people seem to both server and have power over the Sea Sems. I say this because the Sea Sems can call certain orders to the Sea Ohs and they respond as quickly as possible. On the other hand the Sea Ohs observe how the Sea Sems and K-Shears perform their rituals and issue citations when mistakes are made. Also the Sea Ohs seem to have power over the Stance Mans, forcing them to visit their territory periodically.

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