The People of Outside Relations
    The people of outside relations are those who deal with the lands outside of Vally. I suppose that the Per-Nal Man would fit here also, but as he does have some power, the position was listed under The People in Charge.
The Greeters
    These people are like custom agents and boarder guards, but they are simply called the Greeters. It is their job to keep an eye out for illegal contraband and to make sure things aren't stolen. Also it is given to them the knowledge of the boarder alarm and the keeping of the books related to it.

The Crews

   The origin of the name has become lost of knowledge. For the most part the Crews are male, in fact at the moment I know of no female ones. This is not due to any rule or regulation keeping females from being a Crew, it just happens to be an odd fact of life. Sometimes the Crews are thought to be at least semi-vampires, as they seem to be nocturnal and are rarely seen during the day. The main job of the Crews is to receive shipments of cargo from places outside of Vally and to make sure the cargo gets to the proper territories within the land.

The Seavers

    The Seavers work with the Crews to get the cargo that is brought to the land of Vally organized. They sort though boxes and get them setup to go to the various territories in Vally.
The Numbers
    Why this group of people are called the Numbers almost escaped me, until I found a reference to them saying they should only be referred to only as such and such a number. These people are the police of Vally. They watch the Sumers that come to Vally to make sure they don't steal things from the territories. If they do catch them they escort them out of Vally and ask them not to return.
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