The People of the Clans

    The clans are the main group of people who live in Vally. They have little power in the land and are the mostly to do the will of the Man or Stance Mans. Some of the people of the clans find favor with the people in charge and are give a position within their family of some power. These people are known as Dept Mans.

The Softies and the Hardies

    The two clans, from what I have found with my research, used to have several designated family names within them. But those names have long been forgotten. The territories have been kept though and a family lives within each territory. Each family is in charge of some aspect of life within Vally. But these families are not hereditarial. The head of each family is called a Dept Man. This is probably in keeping with the designation of power in the Mans name, which is given by the Man. These families are constantly changing, seemingly at the whim of anyone of the Stance Mans.
    Why there is a designation of Hardies and Softies I am unsure. The Softies clan has about 5 or 6 (I think) families, but I am unsure as to why they separate families. For all of them are concerned with clothing.

    The Hardies clan is much more diverse than the softies. All of the families in this clan are in charge of different things. There are families in charge of entertainment, hunting, agriculture, holidays, dishes and utensils, crafts, cleaning, precious gems, literacy and writing, health, beauty, building and fixing, footwear, personal hygiene, and home furnishing. There used to be two other families, since technology has been lost, that have died out. One had been in charge of strange magical boxes. The other related to big metallic and plastic structures, with black rubber wheels.

The Dept Mans

    Each Dept-Man is the head of a family. It is their duty to ensure their territory is stocked with items related to what they are in charge of. They also direct those in their family to the placing of items and the up keep of their territory.
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