The Missing People

The No Names

    There are at least six groups of people that have been lost somewhere during the transition from the building to being a country. As they were lost they also lost their names. I do not believe that these people where lost, they just simply moved to another part of Vally. Though I did not find names I did discover what these lost people did.

    The first group of people I will discuss had much to do with outside relations. At one point when Vally was just one building they had carts that Sumers would push around the building and then take outside of the building. It seems that it was these lost people's job to go outside and return the carts inside.

    The second group of people had a job that I'm sure made sense a long time ago, but just seems like nonsense now. It seems that these people would take items from an ancestor of a Sumer and then store it, hoping the Sumer would come back for in within a certain amount of time.

    The third group related to the Greeters, in that they dealt with stuff being brought into the building. But it seems back then that it wasn't contraband, but stuff the Sumer could bring to Vally and get either other items or for money.

    The fourth group was related to the Stance Mans. It seems they were like Stance Mans in training or maybe just the underlings of the Stance Mans. My research has not done much to make this very clear.

    The fifth group of people I have discovered dealt with damaged cargo and remains of obviously stolen items. These people would process and fill out paper work on these items and then send them back from where they had come from. What the purpose of this was has been lost in time.

    The last group was related to the Crews. They did the same kind of job, but mostly they worked during the day and on a smaller scale. For example the Crews take stuff to all parts of Vally during the night. Where as this day group would only work on one part of Vally at a time.
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